SORC Events Restart – October 2020

We are really pleased & excited to advise that, subject to ongoing Government & Motorsport UK Advice, we feel able to publish a date for our first event post lockdown.

Sunday 11th October 2020 – Blackridge, West Lothian

All events will follow the most up to date guidance from the Scottish Government & Motorsport UK.

Motorsport UK guidance can be found at Motorsport Restart, and more specifically at Motorsport Restart Club Sport Appendix .

This does mean a few changes, and we acknowledge that you may not like some, but we have to follow them, as the only alternative is no events.

If you wish to participate in an event you will have to register and pay online, with an electronic signing on declaration submitted before the event.

Registration will open as soon as we have the permits in place, and close 48hrs before the event, to allow us to make a decision whether the event runs based on a minimum number attending.

Officials, whether setting up or marshaling will also need to register with the electronic signing on declaration before the event.

You must have a valid club membership which can be obtained online via Join SORC

If you wish to compete, you must also have a valid RS Clubman Licence which can be obtained free via RS Clubman Licence

Both of these will be checked against the membership database upon receiving your online entry and declaration form.

Number of people (including competitors and officials combined) will be limited to 30 person maximum (as per current guidelines).

Events are effectively being run behind “closed doors”, meaning no spectators (unless they are from the same household as the driver).

Only competitors, event organisers and signed on marshals will be allowed on each site.

There will be hand sanitiser available for use at the event.

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times, including during the drivers briefing, scrutineering, walking the courses, and at lunchtime.

Unfortunately, at this time only double drivers or passengers from within the same household are allowed.

This means, even if you usually bring a friend or another family member along, that don’t live with you, it can’t happen.

We are really pleased that we are in a position that events can restart, but are acutely aware that many other forms of Motorsport are not in such a fortunate position.

There will be a maximum of 30 persons (competitors and officials combined) allowed on the site.

Timings for the day, along with further details and COVID specific requirements will be confirmed closer to the event.


Simple Checklist

We still need to remember, in all that we do…

Stay Safe – Protect Others – Save Lives

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