SACC Training Programme 2017

To SACC Club Officials

SACC Training Programme 2017

I am writing to you to ask for your support for the 2017 marshals training programme.  As you are aware we have been fortunate in securing a substantial amount of grant aid from the British Motor Sports Training Trust to support our programme which is designed to support the training of new marshals, and the development of existing ones, across all disciplines.  The training programme can be found at

We are currently publicising this training direct to club officials, through the SACC and SMMC Websites, on social media and will shortly be writing to all registered marshals.  However the most effective way of recruiting marshals to attend these events is through the local clubs.  It is, therefore, disappointing that the first two events of the year are looks very thin on numbers.  For these events to be viable we need to have at least 15-20 delegates, both to achieve a good training environment, and to enable us to continue to secure the valuable time of our volunteer instructors.  As I am sure you will be aware, like other events, some of our expenditure starts to be incurred in advance of the event itself.

We do ask people to pre-register and this helps us to ensure the correct amount of training materials are provided, as well as helping us ensure good value for money from the Association’s (your!) funds.  As a result we will be reviewing the number of registered delegates two weeks before each event to decide whether they are viable.

The last thing I want to do is to start cancelling training events.  With the pressure on marshal numbers and the need to ensure our marshals are operating at (trained to) the highest standards this would be a real own-goal for Scottish Motorsport.

So whilst hoping you had a good festive season could I please ask you all to ensure that your club promotes the training opportunities in your area/disciplines as one of your New Year resolutions?

Many thanks

SACC Training Co-Ordinator

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