RS Clubman Licence

As of January 2020, Motorsport UK will be introducing a requirement for all competitors in Motorsport UK permitted events to hold a Motorsport UK competition licence; in addition to your club membership. This will be at a minimum the new RS Clubman Licence.

The good news is that this entry-level, RS Clubman Licence, will be free.

This initiative is being introduced by Motorsport UK to encourage participation at grass roots level as well as to ensure that all competitors are covered by comprehensive public liability and personal accident insurance.

All licence holders will have access to the Member Benefits Programme which provides substantial discounts on well known brand products and services; and can help offset the costs of competing.

You can apply for an RS Clubman licence from the Motorsport UK website at

Permit Fees across the entire range, will also be increased next year.



What is Motorsport UK?

Motorsport UK is the sports governing body, formerly known as Motor Sport Association UK. This is how we have insurance cover, and permits to be allowed to drive off road legally.

How does the RS Clubman Licence affect the club?

From a club point of view, essentially it is making sure that when you sign on, you must show your RS Clubman Licence. It should not alter the format of events.

How does the Permit Fees affect the club?

Permits are the legal document to prove that the event has been authorised under the Motor Vehicles (Off Road Events) Regulations 1995 (as ammended).

The permit also covers the insurance capita fee, for each competitor at the event.

Why are Permit Fees increasing?

Over the last 20 years or so Motorsport UK clubs have beneffited from a relatively stable insurance market. For 9 of these years, the permit insurance per capita remained static. Unfortunately the motorsport insurance market has now changed and we have had to renegotiate our cover, which accounts for the majority of the change in price. For example, public liability insurance cover for clubs has now been increased to £100m. Ther has also been an enhancement to personal accident insurance for members.

What new financial benefits are there for members?

Members benefits have been extended to include reduced cost fuel, reduced cost tyres, free eye tests, discounts at Halfords, reduced insurance premiums and many more money saving deals.

Your personal accident insurance cover has improved substantially to offer you peace of mind, and everyone in the sport is now covered by a £100m public liability provision.

If you enjoy track days, then up to five days a year are covered for personal accident insurance included with your licence.

Will I need a medical for an RS Clubman Licence?

No, unless you have any relevant medical history to declare. There is no speicif requirement for a doctor’s medical declaration but there will be a medical self-declaration on the application form for the licence.

Do passengers require a RS Clubman Licence too?

Yes, passengers of 18yrs+ will require a licennce at Motorsport UK permitted events.

Will I need a passport style photo for the RS Clubman Licence?

No. Submitting a photo will not be a mandartory requirement for the RS Clubman Licence.

Will having an RS Clubman Licence negate the requirement to be a Club Member?

No. All competitors and passengers using there club membership card alone will now need the new RS Clubman Licence along with the club membership card.


– All drivers will need an RS Clubman Licence along with valid Club Membership.

– All passengers 18+ will require an RS Clubman Licence along with valid Club Membership.

– Apply online at

– A wide variety of members discounts.

– Decision by Motorsport UK and compulsory requirement as of January 2020


– As the Permit Fees are increasing by a flat fee of £5, unfortunately this also means that we will have to increase our Event Fees by a flat fee of £5 as of January 2020.

– £5 per additional drivers, will still stand.


To help you understand the reasoning behind the increase in Event Fees, please see below;


You paid £25 per vehicle entry. £20 goes to landowners. £4.85 goes to Motorsport UK for permits and insurance. £0.15 goes to the club.


You will pay £30 per vehicle entry. £20 will go to landowner. £9.85 will go to Motorsport UK for permits and insurance. £0.15 will go to the club.


As you can see, the option to increase the cost per event is to simply cover the costs which have been imposed on us by Motorsport UK.


Please make sure that you get your licence applied for sooner rather than later.

As always, any of the committee are happy to take questions on this, and will happily take feedback on this and where applicable forward to Motorsport UK.


Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!