Borders Blizzard – 12th Feb

Winter months often provide problems with land access due to the poor weather, but that doesn’t stop us having some fun!

With the A.G.M having been moved to the start of the year, we are able to move Borders Blizzard into February, before kicking off with the off-roading season in March (when hopefully the ground will be better).

Borders Blizzard is a great event for families, kids, or anyone who fancies getting out the house and you do not need to have a 4×4 with you to enter, it can be done in a standard road car.

We have taken a different approach from previous years, with a start & finish towards the east coast, which will give a greater variety in our routes.

The route is less than 100 miles, taking you through some stunning scenery and landscape along the way.. we may even have added a little twist in every so often to keep you alert!

You will be given a road book, with instructions and tulip diagrams – the game is simple, follow them and you can’t go wrong – unless you choose to take the wrong route!

There will be questions to answer in the road book as you go along, so its not all driving!

As you meander the country lanes, you will take in some breathtaking views and stunning scenery. There will be a rest break at half way, for those that wish one. Hot drinks and facilities will be provided at the finish location.

Start Location: Crossgate Hall, Dalkeith, Midlothian
(Junction off the A6124 & B6414),+Dalkeith/@55.9088986,-3.0142578,445m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4887bb8ea5b45627:0x9abad59503f9113d!8m2!3d55.908851!4d-3.012814
Start Time: 10.00am with first car leaving at 10.30.
Mileage: ~75 miles
Finish Location: Heriot, Scottish Borders (outskirts of Midlothian).
Cost: £10 per vehicle

We must know if you are planning on coming along, so as to have the right amount of paperwork, so please click the link below to let us know!

Dave & Graham have prepared and driven the route – WOW… some of the amazing scenery out there… if you’re local to the area like Dave, you may have traveled these roads, if not you’re in for a treat!!

Hopefully we’ll have snow next week, which could prove fun in some parts, but here’s a picture taken from the weekend.

Snowman Rally – can you help?

Anyone able to help out at the Arnold Clark Jurys Inn Snowman Rally on Sat 18th February 2017? We are still seven radio crews short for the mandatory posts, so help would be good if you can

The event comprises stages using forests around Inverness and up to Tain. Given the logistics and time schedule a significant number of crews will be required once again.

Nathan Roberts will be assisted again by Robin Jeffrey, who will co-ordinate staffing. When replying please email snowmanrallyradio

Any questions please let us know.
For those that reply by email the questions are –

  • Name:
  • 81 Callsign:
  • I am able to assist as a radio operator:
  • Amateur Callsign (if licensed):
  • Mobile Number:
  • I will be supplying a 81 radio for my own use:
  • I have ‘red’:
  • I have ‘blue’:
  • I have MSA CH3 (the new MSA frequency)
  • I have SMMC1 programmed.
  • I have an SMMC1 antenna.
  • I will be supplying a YELLOW Flag for my own use:
  • I will be supplying a mast for my own use:
  • I will be supplying a 81 handheld radio for my own use:
  • I would be willing to do a handheld only junction (i.e. no parking) if needed.
  • I will be driving a 4×4:
  • I or someone with me, is an MSA Accredited Marshal
  • MSA Marshal Registration Number(s)
  • I will be in Inverness Friday evening to collect paperwork:
  • Expected Crew No. (if known):

AGM Held 28th January

trophies at agm

This year the A.G.M was slightly better attended than in recent years – HOWEVER – we would still like more of you to come along next year!

Trophies were handed out to those eligible that took part in the Trials & Punch Hunt Championships.

A toast to the haggis, and an enjoyable burns supper was devoured, with a variety of choices for individual tastes, finishing with the option of a deep fried mars bar and irn bru ice cream!

A good dozen of us then retired to the lounge for some socialising, which may indeed have included partaking in a pint or two.

Club AGM

The A.G.M & Prize-Giving will be held at the Beinn Inn, Glenfarg, PH2 9PY.

The date of the A.G.M will be the 28th Jan.

Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

Tea & Coffee will be available from 2pm onwards, with the A.G.M starting at 3pm.  There will be meals available in the venue afterwards.

There are 3 positions within the committee which can be nominated for, which are Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

All nominations must be sent to Bob Webster, Club Secretary via email by 21st Jan, and must include the following:

  • Email from nominator to nominee asking if they would accept the nomination to the position.
  • Email from nominee to, accepting the nomination, with original email included.
  • Email must include subject header: SORC Nomination.

The deadline on this is very tight on this, and all nominations must be in Bob’s inbox no later than 21st Jan. Any recieved after this date will not be accepted.

RSVP & Apologies form can be found here:

Apologies if you had already recieved this, however it was pointed out, the first email was missing the date of the 28th.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either myself or the rest of the committee, regarding this event.

The menu on the night, for those interested is the usual bar menu along with this one burns night 28012017

SACC Training Programme 2017

To SACC Club Officials

SACC Training Programme 2017

I am writing to you to ask for your support for the 2017 marshals training programme.  As you are aware we have been fortunate in securing a substantial amount of grant aid from the British Motor Sports Training Trust to support our programme which is designed to support the training of new marshals, and the development of existing ones, across all disciplines.  The training programme can be found at

We are currently publicising this training direct to club officials, through the SACC and SMMC Websites, on social media and will shortly be writing to all registered marshals.  However the most effective way of recruiting marshals to attend these events is through the local clubs.  It is, therefore, disappointing that the first two events of the year are looks very thin on numbers.  For these events to be viable we need to have at least 15-20 delegates, both to achieve a good training environment, and to enable us to continue to secure the valuable time of our volunteer instructors.  As I am sure you will be aware, like other events, some of our expenditure starts to be incurred in advance of the event itself.

We do ask people to pre-register and this helps us to ensure the correct amount of training materials are provided, as well as helping us ensure good value for money from the Association’s (your!) funds.  As a result we will be reviewing the number of registered delegates two weeks before each event to decide whether they are viable.

The last thing I want to do is to start cancelling training events.  With the pressure on marshal numbers and the need to ensure our marshals are operating at (trained to) the highest standards this would be a real own-goal for Scottish Motorsport.

So whilst hoping you had a good festive season could I please ask you all to ensure that your club promotes the training opportunities in your area/disciplines as one of your New Year resolutions?

Many thanks

SACC Training Co-Ordinator

Invitation to the 2017 Aquarius Navigational Rally, 4/5 Feb 2017

Dear All

Further to our previous invitation, it is my pleasure to announce that Supplementary Regulations are now live and entries now open, for the 2017 Aquarius Navigational Rally and Aquarius Clubman Navigational Rally on the night of 4/5 February 2017, to which your members are warmly invited.

Regs and entry form are attached, and also available from our club website and online entries system, per the links below:

The rally will feature approx 118 miles – of which ~75% shall be competitive motoring – of the best lanes in Fife & Lowland Perthshire, starting and finishing in Kinross.

This year we continue to build on our well-received format of recent years of a “no nonsense” fully pre-plot “tulips and map refs” navigational format, with an all-tarmac route which enables standard unmodified road cars to compete. Improvements for this year include an even more compact route – all within a 13 mile radius of Kinross, inc. centralised start, refuel and finish locations, all within easy reach of the M90 motorway in Central Scotland – and timing schedule – with the first car due away at 21.21 and back at the finish at 02.01.

Through this, we aim to encourage those new to night events or to the area, whilst still providing experienced crews with a rewarding night’s sport (& a well-earned breakfast!). All for an entry fee of £75.

Marshals will also be made very welcome, and we’ll do our best to give you a great night’s sport. We offer a free breakfast for all marshals manning two controls, and you’ll also receive free Glenrothes MSC membership for 2017. If you would like to help out on the night, please contact Chief Marshal Richard Crozier at

This year we shall again be the opening round of the 2017 SACC Navigational Rally Championship, and a round of the 2017 HRCR Premier Rally Championship. In addition to the National B event, we will again also be offering a supporting Clubman event, giving those without an MSA competition licence a chance to be part of the action.

We look forward to extending you a warm welcome to Kinross on 4th February!

Kind Regards

Richard Crozier

Secretary of the Meeting
2017 Aquarius Navigational Rally
Glenrothes Motor Sport Club


Scottish Borders Hill Rally 2016

Several club members were out in the wilds of Dumfries and Galloway over the weekend assisting with the 2016 Scottish Borders Hill Rally. Held in Forrest Estate, this event covered over 100 miles in two days, including two night stages. At first glance it looks like a forest stage rally, but with very strange looking vehicles – everything from very a standard Shogun Pinin and a Suzuki Jimny through to custom built vehicles with V8 engines upwards of 5 litres. Bowler were well represented with the Defender Challenge vehicles along with the new Bowler Bulldogs – absolute monsters.
Once the stage starts the similarity to a normal forest rally disappears. At every opportunity the route disappears into quarries, gravel pits, forest tracks, anything to make it tricky. If you haven’t been to an event like this before make sure you get to next year’s!
SSCC members were spotted running the central main time controls, assisting with stage commanding, marshalling and even wandering around spectating  under the guise of being club stewards. A great time was had – the weather was even kind on Sunday.
Congratulations to the organisers for a well run event, and to all the competitors – most even got to the finish.

MARSHALS REQUIRED – SCCC – 22-23/10/ 2016 – Craig Castle, Huntly AB54 4LQ and Granite Rally – 22/10/2016 – Leuchars Base, Fife

We have two request for marshals on the same weekend. If you can help, please get in touch with the appropriate Chief Marshal:

On Saturday the 22nd of October, Aberdeen and District Motor Club, will be running the Weston Transport / Branston Granite Rally at Leuchars Base in Fife.

8 stages, 40 miles, with the 1st car starting at 09:00.

This is a brand new rally, and will be a round of the Brick and Steel Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge 2016, along with competitors from the Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship. The event also hopes to be a new round of the Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship 2017, so you support to make this event a success, would be very much appreciated.

If you would like to Marshal, please can you get in touch with Ewan Stanhope the Chief Marshal, as soon as possible.
ewanstanhope at