Motorsport Restart Looks Promising

It seems like an eternity since I last wrote to let you know about an event…


At last night’s committee meeting, it was decided now was the right time to look at restarting our events.

There have already been quite a few events over the border, and although the announcement today on easing of travel restrictions brings good news, it is as yet unclear whether this will mean we can gather for an organised event such as motorsport.

So, with all the will in the world, and as soon as we have approval from both Motorsport UK and the Scottish Executive, we will confirm more details.



Sunday 16th May – TRIAL (RTV) – Central Belt.

  • Our first event back, easing us all in gently to a trial – (RTV Trials)
  • FULL LICENCE HOLDERS ONLY can drive at this event.
  • We’re sure you will love this site!!!


Following on from that, we plan to run a Treasure Hunt, on a date in June to be confirmed.



Hopefully, we will see you soon!


Thursday 14th January 2020 @ 19.30hrs, we will be holding a virtual E.G.M.

*Note this is an E.G.M rather than an A.G.M*

To specifically allow us to update and modify our Memorandum and Articles of Association, as well as our Rules & Conditions of Club Membership.

All current members should have received a joining link via e-mail.

If you’ve not received a link, and are eligible to join the meeting and vote, then please get in touch with us at


SORC Events Restart – October 2020

We are really pleased & excited to advise that, subject to ongoing Government & Motorsport UK Advice, we feel able to publish a date for our first event post lockdown.

Sunday 11th October 2020 – Blackridge, West Lothian

All events will follow the most up to date guidance from the Scottish Government & Motorsport UK.

Motorsport UK guidance can be found at Motorsport Restart, and more specifically at Motorsport Restart Club Sport Appendix .

This does mean a few changes, and we acknowledge that you may not like some, but we have to follow them, as the only alternative is no events.

If you wish to participate in an event you will have to register and pay online, with an electronic signing on declaration submitted before the event.

Registration will open as soon as we have the permits in place, and close 48hrs before the event, to allow us to make a decision whether the event runs based on a minimum number attending.

Officials, whether setting up or marshaling will also need to register with the electronic signing on declaration before the event.

You must have a valid club membership which can be obtained online via Join SORC

If you wish to compete, you must also have a valid RS Clubman Licence which can be obtained free via RS Clubman Licence

Both of these will be checked against the membership database upon receiving your online entry and declaration form.

Number of people (including competitors and officials combined) will be limited to 30 person maximum (as per current guidelines).

Events are effectively being run behind “closed doors”, meaning no spectators (unless they are from the same household as the driver).

Only competitors, event organisers and signed on marshals will be allowed on each site.

There will be hand sanitiser available for use at the event.

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times, including during the drivers briefing, scrutineering, walking the courses, and at lunchtime.

Unfortunately, at this time only double drivers or passengers from within the same household are allowed.

This means, even if you usually bring a friend or another family member along, that don’t live with you, it can’t happen.

We are really pleased that we are in a position that events can restart, but are acutely aware that many other forms of Motorsport are not in such a fortunate position.

There will be a maximum of 30 persons (competitors and officials combined) allowed on the site.

Timings for the day, along with further details and COVID specific requirements will be confirmed closer to the event.


Simple Checklist

We still need to remember, in all that we do…

Stay Safe – Protect Others – Save Lives

Mudmaster 2020

Once again, SORC members are invited to take part in the GEMM 4×4 Mudmaster Navigational Trial on 24-25th October 2020.


For further details and the Supplimentary Regulations Click Here

To book your place, and pay for the event, please Click Here


You should carefully consider all the regulations and any specific requirements relating to COVID-19 for this event before entering.


Entries close on 16th October. 

Restart Postponed

Following the announcement from Scottish Government on Thursday (30th July) advising that there are to be no further easing of restrictions, it is simply not possible for us to run an event at this time.

It is extremely disappointing, but as a club, we need to follow the rules, which simply don’t allow for it.

We are not the only club that hasn’t restarted events yet.

At the moment, the indicative date for relaxing outdoor events / larger gatherings is 24th August, but again this is only indicative and may well be put back further as it was this time.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed in the meantime!

Motorsport Restarts

You may have heard in the grapevine that Motorsport across England has been restarting and some clubs across Scotland have also been taking steps to restart.

It is with regret that, although we are ready to get back out in the mud, due to the continuing restrictions announced on Thursday (9th), and despite the best efforts of the Committee, we are unable to hold the competition that we had planned for Hassockrigg on Sunday (19th) and have to postpone this.

We do know this is very disappointing, but please rest assured, the Committee are continuing to plan how we can conduct future events in line with MSUK and Government guidelines – and infact, we are awaiting replies for clarification from both the Scottish Government and MSUK.

We still hope to be able to restart as soon as we get the green light, and will advise you further as soon as we are able to confirm a date.

Permits Suspension to 30th June

After last night’s announcement from the Prime Minister, Motorsport UK have taken the decision to cancel all permits now,, until at least the 30th June.



Tuesday 24 March 2020

In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis, and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23rd March, Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption for motorsport events until at least 30th June.

This move provides clear guidance to event organisers, venues, competitors, officials and volunteer marshals of the role that Motorsport UK must play in supporting the broader UK public health agenda.

In recent days the feedback from our members and the community was a need for increased clarity to allow them to plan appropriately and, should the need arise, put in place necessary contingency measures.

Motorsport UK Chairman, David Richards explained, “Motorsport UK has a vital role to play with its community in re-inforcing that, at this time of national emergency, we must all stay at home to play our part in protecting the NHS and ultimately saving lives.  Today, the government have required that we effectively lock-down for a period of three weeks, however given that the most vulnerable in our society are required to isolate for three months, it is evident that the most responsible course of action was to propose a longer suspension of our sport.  When we reflect back on this time, it will be a brief, but vital, hiatus from our everyday motorsport life and we must put this in perspective.  This is a time of national unity and we need to come together with the broader public community to do all we can to support this battle and ultimately save lives.”

Motorsport UK will continue to monitor the prevailing advice from the UK Government in respect of the COVID-19 international pandemic and will update the motorsport community accordingly.


Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are facing just now, Motorsport UK have updated their guidance to clubs and have cancelled all permits for events until at least 30th April.

This means, that at this time, our April event will not go ahead and our A.G.M will no longer take place on the proposed date either.

We will update you as we become aware of any changes to the guidance being issued by Motorsport UK / UK Government

In the meantime, we wish you all, your families and friends a safe journey through this.



It is with regret that Motorsport UK is suspending all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption until at least 30th April 2020. This suspension follows the latest guidance issued by HM UK Government in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. This position will be constantly reviewed given prevailing information.

As the National Governing Body, we would ask all Motorsport UK members to act responsibly and follow the Government’s guidance during this difficult time.

We thank all of our members, organisers, officials, volunteers, staff and their families for their support during these unprecedented times.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume sporting activity as soon as we are able. We also have a responsibility and duty of care to our staff who will be working from home, so please be patient with any queries you may have.

David Richards, chairman of Motorsport UK, explained, “Clearly we live in challenging times and exceptional measures are required. The decision to suspend Motorsport UK permits on a temporary basis is not one that was taken lightly as the industry employs many thousands of people. However we have an over-riding responsibility to our members and the friends and families of our community. Furthermore, our social responsibilities extend to the broader population and the potential drain on valuable public health resources on which we are all reliant.

“The situation is very fluid and we will continue to monitor developments over the coming weeks and hope that we can resume the annual motorsport calendar at the opportune moment. In the immediate short term our efforts need to be focused on ensuring that the industry that backs up the sport has the financial support that it requires from the Government in order that it can be sustained beyond this extraordinary scenario.”

Glentarkie Punch Hunt – 15th March 2020

*** UPDATE 14/03/2020 ***

This event WILL go ahead.

Whilst on site, please be respectful of personal space and avoid close, physical contact and use your own hand sanitiser throughout the day.

If you do feel under the weather, or have any symptoms which could be attributed to COVID-19, we would much rather you stayed at home and self-isolated to help prevent the spread, as per the government guidelines.


Due to the numerous storms and continual rainfall in the past few weeks, we have had to change the plans as the sites we had planned for Trials are still very much water-logged, making it almost impossible to use practically.

So with a slight change of plan, and something slightly different for everyone, we will be running a Punch Hunt at the Scottish Off Road Driving Centre, at Glentarkie, near Strathmiglo.

Tayside 4×4 Response will be along, as well as the Mad on Mud Club having a Club BBQ, which Walter has kindly agreed to include YOU if you let us know you’re going by at the latest by the day before!

Glentarkie is well known throughout Scotland as one of the most exciting places to use a 4×4. The tracks are suitable for all sorts of 4×4 from the family everyday road car, to the off road prepd. For the more serious machines, there are some more serious sections within the site.

There is a mixture of purpose built obstacles, along with natural terrain to give the driver a thoroughly enjoyable day out.

The views from the off road course are absolutely stunning, from the top of Hangmans Hill we overlook the Howe of Fife and Loch Leven. The driving area is a natural wilderness so there is a wide variety of wildlife to see as well.

You will be supplied with a card, which you have the choice of attaching to either of your wing mirrors, and you will be searching for orienteering punches, which will be hidden anywhere within the site.

Cost: £40 per vehicle plus £10 per additional driver, this includes landowner and permit fees, plus BBQ.

RS Clubman Licence is required. This is FREE but is REQUIRED. You can apply for it online at


Time: 09:00 sign on, briefing at 09.30.

Lunch: bring your own packed lunch and warm drink, or let us know you’re coming and we’ll include you in the BBQ list (kindly ran by Walter at Glentarkie).

Finish: We generally finish mid-afternoon depending on weather and light conditions.

Directions: KY14 7RU is the nearest postcode. OS Grid Reference of site entrance: NO 191 120. Orange arrows will direct you to the site from the A91. .

Amateur Radio: For those who have it, we usually use 145.350MHz if it’s free.

Event Registration: To let us know you’re attending, please fill in the quick registration form at: Event Register

Borders Blizzard – 29th February

With the winter months bringing a lot of rain, and more recently snow, it makes ground conditions more than a little challenging… so came about this event.

An adventure, that we promise you will enjoy, whether it’s enjoying the beautiful scenery, old buildings, or just the pure fun of the twisty B & C class roads we will use – there’s something for everyone.

Borders Blizzard is a great event for families, kids, or anyone who fancies getting out the house and you do not need to have a 4×4 with you to enter, it can be done in a standard road car.

Over the last few years, we have varied the routes, and this year is no different, offering breathtaking views on a wonderfully scenic drive.

You will be given a road book, with instructions and tulip diagrams – the game is simple, follow them and you can’t go wrong – unless you choose to take the wrong route!

Along with the road book, will be a set of questions, relating to your journey… nothing too difficult, and something that everyone in the car can usually spot – like a road sign – answer them correctly, to prove you’ve gone the right route, and see who’s been the most eagle-eyed between your fellow comrades afterwards at the meal.

Occasionally we will specify a halfway point for lunch, otherwise we leave it up to you to choose when to stop – there’s plenty of quaint little places to stop for sustenance!

Start Location: Tesco Car Park, Penicuik, EH26 8NP

Start Time:  9.45-10.00.

Mileage: ~100 miles, with fuel stations near the start and finish.

Finish Location: Elginhaugh Farm, EH18 1AZ

Cost: £10 per vehicle


If you would like to join us afterwards, we will be having a meal in the Elginhaugh Farm at 1700.

Even if you’ve not taken part in Borders Blizzard, you are still welcome to come along and join us for a bit of a social gathering at the meal.

Please fill in the Event Registration Form if you’re coming out to play!