Glendearg Groundworks – 15th July

As we approach the final round of the SCCC in August, committee members from SORC are looking at ways to improve on last year’s fantastic course. With a slightly new design this year, due to on going site works, we have found a solution which involves crossing the river. However, the old bridge which we put in many years ago, is far too dangerous, and so we have managed to acquire some large pipes and poles to form a new bridge.

We have the use of a mini digger, which will do most of the heavy work, however we do need some help with the following; lifting large stones into a trailer to be moved to be used at the new bridge (good news the trailer tips) and doing some tetris style packing of the stones into place. There is also some manual hedge trimming to do (tree branches at the back of the woods, where the cars will be running along).

Your help would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s for a few hours – as the saying goes, the more hands make light work, and apart from that it will not just help out the comp’s it will also help you out when we come to use the site next for an event.

We can’t guarantee the good weather, however we do guarantee fun will be had, with good craic, and the opportunity to drive the course and learn more about the set up and planning involved in these type of events… a pair of gloves, and steel toe caps would be suggested. If you’d like to help out, please get in touch with us via Email

Pictures from last year’s event can be found on Mark Deamer’s Glendearg 2016 Album

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