Findo Gask Trials – 12th November

It is with great pleasure, we are able to announce that we will be running the last round of the 2017 Trials Championship at Findo Gask.

The site is well liked by many, with lots of great memories, however we haven’t used it in a few years. Those of you who joined after 2010 will not have been to this site before, so if it a brand new site doesn’t excite you – maybe the terrain will. Described as a long, narrow grass site, with plenty of trees and lots of nooks and crannies for sections to keep you entertained – think a mixture between Law & Lamancha and you’ll arrive at Findo Gask.

We will be running a mixture of both Tyro and RTV sections depending on what vehicles we have turn up.

*Please note that although shiny/showroom vehicles will have no problem accessing and driving around the site, please be aware that there are lots of trees, and the site is more suited for RTV sections.

Tyro Section

A tyro is the entry level trial event that SORC runs, which has the following characteristics.
– Suitable for showroom condition vehicles on standard road tyres.
– Has strict rules applied by the MSA to limit the range of terrain over which the course is set including slope angle and water depth to ensure any risk is minimised as much as possible.
– Is designed to be totally non-damaging – no body contact with ground or other obstacles such as bushes or trees.
– Open to members aged 13 and above including those who do not hold a full driving licence. Unlicensed drivers may only drive the vehicle on the specific tyro stages and must be accompanied by someone who has experience of off road trial driving.
– Passengers are welcome as long as they are suitably seated and restrained. This makes tyros an excellent family event.

RTV Section

Road Taxed Vehicle trials are run very similarly to the Tyros, but more of a test of you and your 4×4 against the course.
– Full, valid license holders only for this one and the car may well come into contact with the ground and vegetation and the slopes used allow greater angles than Tyros.
– Passengers are permitted in the front seats only and must be 14 or over (and in the right seat and be of the right height, etc).

Cost: £25 per vehicle plus £5 per additional driver

Time: 09.30 signing on and scrutineering, ready to start at 10.00

Lunch: Bring your own packed lunch and warm drink

Finish: We generally finish mid-afternoon depending on weather and light conditions.

Directions: PH3 1HT is the nearest postcode, with orange arrows directing you immediately off the main road. OS Grid Ref is NO 016 202.

Findo Gask Site Streetmap

Amateur Radio: For those who have it, we usually use 145.350MHz if it’s free.

Event Registration: Event Registration Form

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