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Please find a selection of event reports from the previous few years on this page, as well as this years results for the Trials Championship.

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Findo Trial, November 2021

Findo Trial 21 Results

Dunbar Trial, October 2021

A great day out despite the rain, although this made conditions very interesting. A few early retirements due to other commitments. Having to go to the petrol station mid-event didn’t help the scores for Marcel either!

Dunbar Trial 21 Results

Largo Trials & Tyro, July 2021

With what seemed to be the worst weekend that we’d picked for everyone being on holiday, the event did run at minimal numbers. The day was an absolute scorcher with temperatures reaching 30 degrees. Although the warning had gone out to bring plenty of sunscreen and fluids, there were plenty red faces, necks arms and even legs by the end of the day.

Unfortunately nobody has sent in a write up for the event, so you can find the results at SORC Largo Results 2021

Law Code Hunt, June 2021

Something a bit different this time round and instead of looking for the usual orienteering punches, we created a set of code boards to look for. For those of us who remember the site, usually with plenty of mud and water around, it was a change to see the it so dry underfoot. It certainly proved interesting for those searching for codes, having to break through the undergrowth. Having put 30+ codes out, some on there own and some in little clumps around the same vicinity, it’s reckoned that only 2/5 of the site was actually used for hiding them in… this was partly deliberate so as to send the competitors off the sent, but also partly because after not being there for over 2 years, I couldn’t quite remember the lay of the land, and wanted to make sure I would remember where to find them at the end of the day!

A good day enjoyed by all, with Zak managing to accrue the majority of recovery tokens, and finding the few wet spots there were, the results speak for themselves with Greg & Charley showing there competitive streak with 30 points, well above everyone else!

Full results available at SORC Treasure Hunt Results and below is where you ‘should’ have been looking!

Code Locations


Hassockrigg Trials, May 2021

After 7 months off from lockdowns, it was great to finally be able to run an event. In planning, we had decided that due to the nature of the site (an old shale bing) with steeper angles and the possibility of the vehicle contacting the ground, that this would be in the form of an RTV style trial, which meant that we could be just that slightly bit cheekier when setting up!

The outlook for the day wasn’t particuarly great, with a bit of rain expected from lunchtime onwards – thankfully that didn’t transpire, and instead the sun beat down and at times was giving out quite a heat, with a fair few red faces heading home at the end of the day.

Just to ease everyone back into the swing of things, we started off nice and easy, although with only half the pack clearing the first section, the score sheet was already starting to look interesting. Even Michael in his newly built Blitz didn’t quite get his hub through the finish gate! The next section brought with it an axle twister, which caused problems for most folk. The trick for this one was to stay high on the right, as you aim for gate eight.

Down in to what is known as “The Bowl” where we ran another 2 sections which were relatively easy, but it was remembering where to go as they both were similar with only subtle difference between them. The last section before lunch was the most interesting of the morning… the sticking point for most was on the initial climb into the section, where you bounced up, and lost grip on the next gate. Those that made it slightly further provided some  great photo opportunities with waggling paws, however once they’d finished posing, the landing often provided a sideways shift into the next gate. The hairpin finished everyone off though, as nobody managed to get quite far enough back up the slope to get the nose round to clear the gate. In true tradition, as should have been the case, I’m sure if we were to set this section again, Bob would show us how it was supposed to be done!

Lunch brought with it a whole new set of sections, and different terrain… what we had thought would prove much easier than those of us who had set them up were expecting… this was probably helped by the weather… let’s try them again after a bit of rain! The tyre pit only saw a couple stuck at the second gate in, with everyone else climbing out to a clear. Next up the drop into the water splash, which proved a disappointment as it wasn’t very deep, with only the climb out proving a problem for the two 110s.

Second to last, was the long one, if you made it over the first bump in the road. We let Shane have two shots, as the first attempt his sidestep fell off and caught the ground. Second time around, he took it at an angle and with a bit of momentum, giving himself a bit of a fright almost ending up on his side. Down through the big pit at the back of the site, and up the other side, without loosing traction on your front wheels up the climb before down to a sharp left hander and the hub through the final gate.

All in all it was a fantastic day out, and it just felt great to be socialising again with friends old and new doing something we love. All the scores of the day are on this link: SORC Trials Results 2021 – Google Sheets


Blackridge Trials, October 2020

With the much anticipated return to an event, it was great to see such a good turnout (within our allowed limit). A late choice of site, and the weather having poured down for the previous few days, didn’t enhance confidence with those that had previously experienced the site in full swamp mode last year. Once we’d split into the two groups, and started to break the ground, the sun beat down on us all day, the jackets came off, the ground started to slowly dry and the smiles returned as usual,

Bob lead the first four sections, which were a little tighter and trickier due to the terrain,  compared with Brian’s four longer, more open sections, on the top half of the site, with a favourite of the day being the technical clamber over the rocks. Both groups then ran the final two sections one after the other.

Plenty of mud was found on all the vehicles, even those who hadn’t planned on getting them mucky, and there were a few recoveries to keep GRC occupied with.

The results have turned out interesting for everyone in the end and can be found here.

Cold Turkey 2019

A dull and very windy morning saw Graham & Colin first on-site at Shotts, to get a head start on hiding the punches and turkeys… off-roading is actually quite fun in the dark, given that we still don’t know the site as well as other sites yet, the 52″ light-bar on the Discovery certainly helped.

We decided to go for the gentle approach to start with, seeing as nobody else knew the site, and we had no idea how the ground would cope with 10-15 vehicles over a full day. Bob arrived with Helen at about 0830 as backup and to meet any super eager arrivals, and brought some daylight with him. So that meant that we could see slightly better, and meant we were able to put the punches in some more trickier places – walking to them off course to try and avoid our tracks being seen too much.

There were still a few punches left in the box, but we figured that there were plenty out to keep people occupied with. Plus the turkeys were out…. they were a different ball game all together. Okay, so you had to find them of course, they weren’t exactly the same location as the punches, but were fairly close by to them – once you’d found them though, you had to write the number that was on the turkey, in the box that corresponded to the letter on the turkey.

Of course, everyone thought they knew what they were doing, until we explained again…. that if a turkey was E72 you would find box 5 on your handheld card (because E is the 5th letter of the alphabet) and put 72 in the box. So came the signing on and scrutineering, and they came in there droves… generally a well attended event annually, usually not quite as many as 25 competitors though, so everyone was quite pleased and in some ways excited to see so many folk out to play at once.

Rather than giving you a verse by verse rundown of the whole day, I’ll leave it by saying that the weather wasn’t bad to us, there was plenty of variety in the vehicles and in the competition, a few knocks and bumps as expected from the usual suspects, with a special mention to Adam McNee and Morgan McPherson who ended the day early with 3 wheels and clutch-less respectively.

Obviously there was plenty of mud to go around and plenty of recoveries for GRC and GBS, both who were aided by (a) Colin. At the end of the day, it was decided that as there had been a lot of people that supposedly had found all of the turkeys, the scores would be worked into the punch scores too, which you’ll find below.

Well done to Jim Pert and Bruce Redburn who both scored 24 points with the punches just missing out on 1 different punch each, but in the end it was Jim who took the top score after adding the turkeys on too. There will be a small prize for each of you at the A.G.M.

Full results for the day are found at: CT 19 Results

Trials Championship 2019

Click on each of the links to see individual event scores. Overall results will be announced at the AGM in 2020 and posted afterwards via members’ email.

Where a competitor appears to have a score in blue, this means that they have not started a section, or forfeited there score and finished early in the day. Where all competitors appear to have scores in blue, this means that the day was finished early due to weather, time constraints etc.

Largo Results (May)

Auchterarder Results (Aug)

Denholm Results (Sept)

Dunbar Results (Oct)

Findo Gask Results (Nov)

Roberton Trials 2019

A nice sunny morning made a change from the forecast and the dreichness the day before. Meeting in the farm yard, the first test was to see who could get in the gate on the first try, before we followed in procession a mile or so out into the hills for the day. This particular part of the site, we had never used before, so never ones to pass up such a good opportunity, we made best possible use of the terrain, with gulleys, plateaus, craters and some wet mud all involved. A special mention must be made to Marina in her Nissan Patrol on road tyres – although a very experienced desert guide in the U.A.E, this was her first outing, wisely deciding to take the points rather than risking any damage on the last two sections.

Forest Drive  2019

It was a miserable morning, but the meeting at Jedburgh with a cooked breakfast brought a bit of joy. A quick briefing from Dave, explaining the tulip diagrams, mileage and basic route before setting off – with a very tasty gift of Tablet from Claire Spicer – down the A68 towards Englandshire. The drive was very laid back with plenty of opportunities for photos, food and places of interest along the route,  which took us through Kielder Forest, and over the back roads – at one point, it seemed like we were climbing a never ending mountain track! It’s a pity that there weren’t more of us taking part, as this is something that’s always asked for – happily nobody got lost on route, and we all made it back to the finish at Roberton. Those who stayed, enjoyed a chilled BBQ (with the odd midge), and camped overnight ready for the morning’s fun and games.

Galashiels Trials 2019

A slower start to the morning, brought the scores on the board up a little quicker than normal with the more difficult courses being tackled first, with lots of tricky twists and turns. A short rainfall at lunch brought a change of direction, which for some proved more lucrative with having slightly more aggressive tyres on. Unfortunately with the time spent in the morning and time doing recovery in the afternoon sections, it was agreed to finish on the 8th section.

 Glendearg Punch Hunt – May 2017

After the unfortunate cancellation of the 25th Birthday Celebrations, we ran a punch hunt for those that were able to attend. Not as many folk as we’d have liked, however the 7 that did take part had plenty of fun and were kept busy all day looking for the well hidden punches! A great day weather wise, with only a couple of light showers in the afternoon. Ground conditions were a little rough as there hadn’t been any rain for the past week, but that didn’t stop Graham from finding a muddy hole – once when setting up and another when collecting the punches back in! Meanwhile Bob was driving round us in circles, designing the new comp safari route for this year, managing to get 6+ miles of stage. Dave kept his wheels firmly on the flat land, as not having his P38, the borrowed Jaguar F-Pace was not going to be getting any mud on it! Beaten by the wind at 5pm, we then retreated to land near Heriot and enjoyed a good chinwag round the BBQ late into the night, it may even have been morning., with 5 of us camping out overnight!

 Glendearg Punch Results are available, but do not count towards this year’s Championship. Points have been deducted for those that were incorrect or punched the wrong way around.

Lamancha Punch Hunt – Mar 2017

The first punch hunt of the year, which everyone had been looking forward too after a wee break – very much obvious with the 22 varied vehicles turning up and several new members. A fantastic day with brilliant ground conditions, wet enough to play and get stuck, but not wet enough to be bogged down completely (unless you were one of the unlucky ones. With everyone keen to get out and play, it would appear that some forgot the aim of the game was to find the punches. A sheer 1 minute after everyone set off, there were people finding holes big enough for vehicles to hide in, with Zak and Phil in the running for the “tow out” award at next year’s prize-giving. Results are now final, and available to view in the Championship Dropbox.

Borders Blizzard – Feb 2017

After forecasts promised us plenty of sleet and snow across the Borders this weekend, what lay ahead for the gaggle of competitors who turned out for this year’s event was much worse… there was no snow, no sleet – just a damp, cold (very cold) wind. With that in mind, the briefing was simple, read the instructions, follow the tulip diagrams and answer the questions along the way – some of which might have to be found by getting out of the car.

Unfortunately, the first to feel sheepish was Dave Ellis, who upon arriving at the car park, started to dismantle pieces of his vehicle using the height barrier and when he was set off, turned up a minute later from the same direction claiming to have gone in a circle!

As the route progressed, there was hints that the further up the hills we went, there might be a chance of snow, however it was not to be, and upon Soutra, the most we ever came across was some slush… most of it was brown slush due to the high volume of farm traffic.

Traveling through places such as Stow, Lauder, Boon, Gordon & Smailholm, the questions ranged from the most obvious such as ‘what colour is the bull that is stationary’ to the more devious such as ‘how many gates to be kept closed’ – there were 10 gates, but only 3 of them specifically said ‘keep gate closed’.

At the 3/4 marker, we were treated to a real treat (or would have been if there hadn’t been so much cloud cover), of Scott’s View, overlooking Horseshoe Bend on the Tweed, before heading back down the hill towards Gattonside, Galashiels, Fountainhall and finishing at Heriot where a log fire awaited with a choice of soups, tea and coffee.

The forecasters did get it right in the end, but only after everyone had headed home, as we stayed behind to tidy up, the snow was starting to fall rather heavily… here’s to Borders Blizzard ’18, hopefully with more snow.

1st – Jim Williams / Nadine Williams joint with Gavin Marshall / Janice Marshall (39pts)
2nd – Christine Judd / Tanya Keane (38pts) (much better combination this year)
3rd – Raymond Hope / Kev Fairfield joint with Peter Anderson / Michael Anderson (36pts)

4th – Jules Spicer / Claire Spicer (35pts)

5th – Andy Prentice / Tom Beglin (34pts)

6th – Alan Hope / Alan Black (32pts)

7th – Jim Pert (24pts) (no co-driver, late due to over-heating issues)

8th – Simon Elliott (10pts) (no co-driver, called away due to work, returned at finish)

9th – Dave Ellis (-14pts) (it all went wrong from the beginning)!!!

Mudmaster 2016 – Final Results

A huge well done to all the crews marshals and organisers.

Graham Somerville & Colin Hay marginally beat the other crews to take 1st SORC crew, as well as placing 19th Overall & 3rd in Challenge Class.

Stuart Robertson & Russell Turner came away with 3rd Overall crew for the event!

Clark Gourlay & Declan Milne will hopefully remember to hand in all the time cards and Highway Code quiz next year!

Have you enjoyed keeping up to date? Fancy a shot at it yourself? It’ll be back next year!!!

Auchterarder Trials – November 2016 (Final Round)

Well our final round of the Trials Championship on Saturday started off fairly damp, with the ground being fairly saturated, which meant we had to think about where we could put some of the sections. It was decided not to go right to the top of the hill, however we did manage to get 10 sections in with what space we had, which didn’t include the valley!

An interesting day, with those on road tyres generally performing slightly better than those with mud tyres – very embarrassing for some!

It was a great day for the father and son teams, with Neil and Robert Spicer taking a 1-3 win with 0 and 3 points respectively in there Toyota LWB Landcruiser, whilst James and Alastair Dickson in a Suzuki Samurai took a joint second with 1 point each.. and it’s got to be said, they both scored that point on the final section of the day!

Meanwhile, further down the table, after getting hid diff-lock to work, Rory Cox almost showed Colin Hay, that a 300tdi Discovery is just as good as the TD5.

Talking of a joint win, it would appear that Neil has also taken a 1st Overall in the Championship, with Robert taking 1st for the Juniors. They both only joined at Cold Turkey last year, but have taken to the Trials like ducks to water, so there’s an incentive to come along and join in the fun – now all we need is more WAGs.
*Yes, the ones that go bark, but not the furry ones*

Galashiels Comp Preperation 2016

A team of 8 of us headed down to Glendearg to prepare some of the course for the Comp which takes place in two weeks time. We’ve knocked a few walls down, prepared gateways, and lopped a few branches, with a few electric shocks along the way. There’s still a few more fences to snip, and branches to lop, which will be happening on Thursday 15th if anyone’s available, when we will also be setting up part of the course, so we don’t have to do all 7 miles on the Friday.

Two Weeks Later

A small team of us have been working yesterday and today setting up for the comp safari this weekend. Unfortunately we will be back up at the crack of dawn to redo all the stakes and arrows since the cattle destroyed most of them. A 7 mile route over and through different obstacles, including a run through the valley where we’re hoping to see some airtime….

Dunbar Trials – October

Sunday’s Trials at Dunbar started off with a very chilly morning, and slippery sections, making them tricky for some… even the Jimny’s were struggling not to hit the canes!

As predicted the weather was fair to middling, with a couple of light sprinklings of rain. However, the sun came out in all its glory, just in time for us to enjoy a lunch break.

Whether it was the cold air that made us get through them so quickly or not is unknown, but what must be a first saw us reading out the results for all ten sections before 4pm.

After ten years away, James Dickson made a return, proving he’s still got the skills with 3pts (even if it was in a SJ). Meanwhile Robert Spicer learn a hard lesson by not necessarily always listening to your navigator, but still leads the Junior’s.

We have one more round of the championship to go, and it’s all to play for…

Drumclog Punch Hunt – September 2016

Well it was an eventful Punch Hunt on Sunday, over at Drumclog. The ground conditions were pretty much perfect, with plenty of mud to keep everyone happy, but not too wet – meaning that those on road based tyres managed better than expected!

Well done to Chris Kerr for finding the most punches scoring a total of 30 points. Iain Grandison leads overall, with Alan Robertson still a bit behind. Also those who were new or relatively inexperienced, pat yourselves on the back for managing as well as you did in shiny vehicles, on road tyres, showing some of the more experienced folk up!

It’s fair to say that not all the punches were found, and not everyone found the same ones.. which means DavidGraham and Jim did a good job of hiding them. To whoever moved the one that Dave had used to demonstrate with, we spent forever trying to find it again. Please don’t move them from where they’ve been placed.

Camping Weekend June 2016

Well the weather held up yesterday and saw us out in t-shirts, with Dave even breaking out into shorts to show us some leg!

A hungry bunch of us headed down to the campsite, had some delicious BBQ food whilst enjoying the music coming from the opposite side of the field, it was almost like being at Glastonbury ourselves (in a more civilised manner).

At 2am the music finally finished with one of the all time greats – Caledonia!

With a mixture of weather from dreadful downpours to the sweltering heat today, the good food and banter at the BBQ, the live music still playing at 3am, two long days off roading, anyone who’s not tired wasn’t trying hard enough!

2nd place for both is Alan Robertson, but Thomas Quarrell is hot on his heels.
3rd for Trials is Colin HayGraham Somerville drops down to 5th after claiming last year’s championship after an unfortunate series of events left him on road tyres. Robert Spicer leads the Junior Championship by a mile and if he wasn’t still a junior would be hot on the heels for 3rd place overall.

Christine Judd hasn’t been seen out this year, and neither has Belinda Braithwaite which makes us wonder, will there be a female championship this year?! Sandy Bruce hasn’t been seen in a while either to put us all in our place for the Punch Hunt leaving the way open for Iain Grandison to take the lead!

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