Club AGM

The A.G.M & Prize-Giving will be held at the Beinn Inn, Glenfarg, PH2 9PY.

The date of the A.G.M will be the 28th Jan.

Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

Tea & Coffee will be available from 2pm onwards, with the A.G.M starting at 3pm.  There will be meals available in the venue afterwards.

There are 3 positions within the committee which can be nominated for, which are Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.

All nominations must be sent to Bob Webster, Club Secretary via email by 21st Jan, and must include the following:

  • Email from nominator to nominee asking if they would accept the nomination to the position.
  • Email from nominee to, accepting the nomination, with original email included.
  • Email must include subject header: SORC Nomination.

The deadline on this is very tight on this, and all nominations must be in Bob’s inbox no later than 21st Jan. Any recieved after this date will not be accepted.

RSVP & Apologies form can be found here:

Apologies if you had already recieved this, however it was pointed out, the first email was missing the date of the 28th.

As usual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either myself or the rest of the committee, regarding this event.

The menu on the night, for those interested is the usual bar menu along with this one burns night 28012017

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