Borders Blizzard – 29th February

With the winter months bringing a lot of rain, and more recently snow, it makes ground conditions more than a little challenging… so came about this event.

An adventure, that we promise you will enjoy, whether it’s enjoying the beautiful scenery, old buildings, or just the pure fun of the twisty B & C class roads we will use – there’s something for everyone.

Borders Blizzard is a great event for families, kids, or anyone who fancies getting out the house and you do not need to have a 4×4 with you to enter, it can be done in a standard road car.

Over the last few years, we have varied the routes, and this year is no different, offering breathtaking views on a wonderfully scenic drive.

You will be given a road book, with instructions and tulip diagrams – the game is simple, follow them and you can’t go wrong – unless you choose to take the wrong route!

Along with the road book, will be a set of questions, relating to your journey… nothing too difficult, and something that everyone in the car can usually spot – like a road sign – answer them correctly, to prove you’ve gone the right route, and see who’s been the most eagle-eyed between your fellow comrades afterwards at the meal.

Occasionally we will specify a halfway point for lunch, otherwise we leave it up to you to choose when to stop – there’s plenty of quaint little places to stop for sustenance!

Start Location: Tesco Car Park, Penicuik, EH26 8NP

Start Time:  9.45-10.00.

Mileage: ~100 miles, with fuel stations near the start and finish.

Finish Location: Elginhaugh Farm, EH18 1AZ

Cost: £10 per vehicle


If you would like to join us afterwards, we will be having a meal in the Elginhaugh Farm at 1700.

Even if you’ve not taken part in Borders Blizzard, you are still welcome to come along and join us for a bit of a social gathering at the meal.

Please fill in the Event Registration Form if you’re coming out to play!


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