Borders Blizzard 2018 (Results)

This year, yet again took a completely different route. Although maybe not as challenging as in previous years, it didn’t detract from the stunning views and scenery that was enjoyed!

A mid morning start of 10am saw the competitors following the route using tulip diagrams over the back roads and hills to Moffat, answering questions along the way, such as; bridge heights and an anagram of “boots cleats” before finding some Moffat Toffee.

After lunch, a slight detour was had – unfortunately the road over the top of Tala & Megget Reservoirs wasn’t passable due to large amounts of snow… even those that did attempt it in a 4×4 were defeated after a few feet (remembering that it is something like a 1 : 7 ratio uphill).

After the detour, a careful calculation for some, and wild guessing for others brought them back round to Broughton & Biggar before heading back to the finish.

After calculating everyone’s answers, and deducting the necessary “devious” points for some (forgetting to fill in names or registration etc), we all enjoyed a delicious meal and great banter at the Swanston Brasserie, before announcing the results as follows:

1st: G.R.C & Janet – finally stole 1st place from Jim & Nadine.

2nd: Jim & Nadine – do much better on the difficult questions.

3rd: Brian & Christine – found the toffee.

4th: Gavin & Janice – thoroughly enjoyed it.

5th: Colin & Dawn – we’re saying nothing.


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