Borders Blizzard – 12th Feb

Winter months often provide problems with land access due to the poor weather, but that doesn’t stop us having some fun!

With the A.G.M having been moved to the start of the year, we are able to move Borders Blizzard into February, before kicking off with the off-roading season in March (when hopefully the ground will be better).

Borders Blizzard is a great event for families, kids, or anyone who fancies getting out the house and you do not need to have a 4×4 with you to enter, it can be done in a standard road car.

We have taken a different approach from previous years, with a start & finish towards the east coast, which will give a greater variety in our routes.

The route is less than 100 miles, taking you through some stunning scenery and landscape along the way.. we may even have added a little twist in every so often to keep you alert!

You will be given a road book, with instructions and tulip diagrams – the game is simple, follow them and you can’t go wrong – unless you choose to take the wrong route!

There will be questions to answer in the road book as you go along, so its not all driving!

As you meander the country lanes, you will take in some breathtaking views and stunning scenery. There will be a rest break at half way, for those that wish one. Hot drinks and facilities will be provided at the finish location.

Start Location: Crossgate Hall, Dalkeith, Midlothian
(Junction off the A6124 & B6414),+Dalkeith/@55.9088986,-3.0142578,445m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4887bb8ea5b45627:0x9abad59503f9113d!8m2!3d55.908851!4d-3.012814
Start Time: 10.00am with first car leaving at 10.30.
Mileage: ~75 miles
Finish Location: Heriot, Scottish Borders (outskirts of Midlothian).
Cost: £10 per vehicle

We must know if you are planning on coming along, so as to have the right amount of paperwork, so please click the link below to let us know!

Dave & Graham have prepared and driven the route – WOW… some of the amazing scenery out there… if you’re local to the area like Dave, you may have traveled these roads, if not you’re in for a treat!!

Hopefully we’ll have snow next week, which could prove fun in some parts, but here’s a picture taken from the weekend.

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